Getxo launches its antirumour strategy

During 2013, the Town Council of Getxo will launch its communication and sensibilisation pilot programme based on Barcelona’s “Antirumour” Strategy experiences.

Getxo’s antirumour strategy seeks to raise questions, refute and counteract myths. It was presented before some 40 people with the cooperation of Xabier Aierdi and Jose Antonio Oleaga from BEGIRUNE’s (UPV-EHU) Immigration Research Lab. The programme exists within the framework of Open Society Foundation’s Programme Against Racism and Xenophobia and is an example of Intercultural Cities Network’s (ICN) cooperative schemes. “The aim is to create a network of antirumour agents to counteract negative stereotypes, common and false rumours which abound regarding immigration and cultural diversity. These only serve to make interaction and coexistence difficult, often resulting in discriminatory and xenophobic attitudes,’ explained Immigration counsellor, Elena Coria, to association representatives and other individuals who came to learn about the initiative.

The town council has opened an inscription period so that all entities and individuals who wish to participate in the first phase of the pilot project can sign-up and attend the first meetings, where they will be provided with communication tools with which to raise questions and counteract rumours with arguments and facts. “We are hoping that people with social credibility in Getxo, those we refer to as opinion-makers, will generate trust in their neighbourhood, school, the environment they move in becoming a channel through immigration relevant information can be accessed, while recruiting more and more people, and, in turn, these people can reach still more,” says UPV-EHU lecturer, Xabier Aierdi. J.A.Oleaga adds, “the problem is that stereotypes back excluding attitudes which normally look after selfish interests, disregarding the greater good or the good of the community.”

Anybody interested in participating in the first phase of this pilot project can contact the Immigration Unit of Getxo’s Town Council on 94 466 01 51 or by writing to