An “Antirumour” Song

“Se me suben los colores de escuchar tantos rumores” (I am flushed with so many rumours) is the title of a song created by Antirumour Project Director, Dani de Torres.

Though at first it was just innocent playing around with an app designed to create music without any real knowledge of how to do so, Dani de Torres soon realised that it could be useful when it came to disseminating the project’s message in a different manner. There is no doubt that music is one of the best mediums to get a message across, allowing a wide variety of audiences to be reached, for example, the youth. The song’s intent is nothing more than stimulating the use of music on behalf of the project’s actors to get more people involved. There are several examples of how music has been used as a mighty tool to work the stereotyping and prejudice issue. Close to home, one of the most successful activities within Barcelona’s Catalogue of Antirumour Strategy Activities 2013 is a hip-hop workshop for youths. That “real” music groups can get involved in the project by composing songs on the issue, producing different versions of the song or creating workshops and competitions is an opportunity not to be missed. Creativity is a key element in a project like such as this. The composer of “se me suben los colores” hopes that, by humbly making this bit of fun public, it will go some way in getting the word out on the project and above all, stimulate the use of music in reaching the goals set out by the “antirumour” project.